Video FAQ’s: Cataract surgery: What are the best cataract questions to ask your doctor?

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Cataract surgery: What are the best cataract questions to ask your doctor?

What questions should you be asking a cataract surgeon before surgery? I think the key thing is to be happy that you’ve provided your cataract surgeon with all the information you feel is important about your life and your lifestyle. Your cataract surgeon shouldn’t just be interested in that tiny bit of your anatomy and the measurements. They should be interested in what you use your vision for and what’s important to you because only then can that surgeon fully tailor your treatment.

The reason that’s important is that we have a range of lens options and so the next question you should be asking a surgeon is: “Which lens option is important for me?” and be able to explain why.

We have astigmatism correcting lenses, and they may be relevant for you, and if they are, again, you should be made aware of that your surgeon should be able to explain why they think that’s important for you. We have multifocal lenses available. In fact, we have different strengths of multifocal lens available that can provide different ranges of focus from a distance through to the near. But they’re not perfect, and they come with a compromise.  It’s only by understanding your life in your lifestyle that your surgeon is going to be able to select the right lens for you.

So that would be my advice about the conversation with your surgeon beforehand – is to be happy that you’ve provided them with all the information that you think is important about your life and lifestyle things you enjoy doing. Also to be satisfied that they’ve given you a good explanation for the technology they have selected for you and why they’ve selected it for you.

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