Who is the best cataract surgeon in Yorkshire?

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Who is the best cataract surgeon in Yorkshire?

Well, we don’t have a leaderboard with people being knocked off like on a squash ladder or tennis ladder. Thankfully, in Yorkshire, we do have a really good standard of ophthalmology, and we have a very high standard of cataract surgery and a lot of excellent cataract surgeons.

I think the best advice I could give people is to relate my journey through some surgery that I had. It was elective surgery as cataract surgery often is. I needed a shoulder stabilisation. It was fairly early on in my career, and I knew, my hands are clearly incredibly important to me because that’s how I make my living.

With the shoulder surgery, there was a tiny risk it that it might affect my dexterity and might affect my ability to perform my job. So I used my privileged access to medical professionals, and I contacted one of my friends who’d been a registrar on the orthopaedic rotation in Yorkshire, and I asked him “who would you get to do your shoulder stabilisation? There are quite a few well-renowned shoulder surgeons that are very good but who would YOU choose?”

He’d operated with all these surgeons and didn’t hesitate when he recommended Dr Mark Limb, which is a fantastic name for an orthopaedic surgeon.

He did a wonderful job, and my hands are perfect – you’ll be pleased to know. I was able to continue being a very good cataract surgeon. Clearly, most of you can’t follow the same path as me, as you don’t know all the registrars in Yorkshire and the surgeons that rotate around and operate with all the different cataract surgeons.

What I can tell you is that as one of the surgeons working at the Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital is that I was one of 25 surgeons there and I was the surgeon who all the staff members asked to operate on. I operated on three of the nurses, the facilities manager, my PA, the hospital manager’s mother, a consultant colleague, and I was honoured to be asked on each of those occasions.

But these are people who have a shortcut to knowing what surgeons are like in the theatre. It’s hard to get additional information from the audit data because cataract surgery is so successful everyone has good audit data. Everyone has low complication rates. That’s good news. It means that whoever is looking after you in Yorkshire is likely doing an excellent job.

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