When is the best time for cataract surgery?

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When is the best time for cataract surgery?

Very simply, the best time for cataract surgery is when it’s impacting on your quality of life. What this means is that it could be a different amount of cataract for different people. It can depend partly on a spectacle prescription.

So let’s say you’re someone who needs spectacles at all distances. A small amount of cataract can degrade the quality of vision that can have more impact on you but also correcting that cataract provides an incredible opportunity for increasing your independence from spectacles. Potentially at all distances; distance intermediate and near vision.

Conversely, if you’re somebody who doesn’t wear spectacles and enjoys a good quality of vision, you’ll notice that declining quality of vision because of some of your activities that you undertake. If it starts to limit you from the things you enjoy doing, don’t let it.

We’re talking about an operation that has an extremely small risk, and your cataract surgeon will be able to counsel you about the risk for you.

There’s really no need to let the things you enjoy slide away from you because of cataract. Cataract surgery poses wonderful opportunity to improve your quality of vision and get you back doing things that you enjoy doing.

For me, as soon as the cataract is impacting the quality of life, it’s worth having a discussion about whether it’s time to reverse that and get you back to the way you were or potentially even better than you’ve been in recent years.

If you would like to find out if it is the best time for cataract surgery for yourself, please contact us.

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