What your diet should look like if you want to have the best vision possible

By James Ball | 06 December 2018

Maintaining a healthy diet is the best way to ensure optimum eye health. When we’re small, our parents tell us that carrots are good for our eyesight, and this is true – but good nutrition for eye health goes much further. Foods including tomatoes, peppers and strawberries also contain caretinoids, while leafy greens such as spinach and kale, which are rich in antioxidants, all help to boost eye health. Fish such as mackerel, salmon, sardines and tuna contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help to protect against dry eyes and other eye conditions. Find out more about how diet can make all the difference to good eye health.

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The 5 essential qualities of a top laser eye surgeon

By James Ball | 08 August 2018

The 5 essential qualities of a top laser eye surgeon Choosing where to have your laser eye surgery can be a complex decision. For those who like to do their research on the surgeon carrying out the treatment, it is worth considering these factors; The surgeon’s training and experience One of the most common questions … Read more

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What causes hyperopia?

By James Ball | 12 September 2017

What causes hyperopia? Well, really it’s part of the biological variation we see in every parameter of biology. And we see the same thing with eyes, but with an interesting additional factor.

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Lens replacement: How successful is lens replacement?

By James Ball | 05 September 2017

Many patients wonder “how successful is lens replacement?” In my experience, I get about 90% of my patients completely independent from spectacles with the procedure.

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When do you start to see the advantages of ReLEx SMILE surgery?

By James Ball | 24 August 2017

The benefits of ReLEx SMILE surgery occur faster than Surface laser eye surgery. There are several advantages to SMILE as opposed to Surface.

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What happens during the ReLEx SMILE procedure?

By James Ball | 15 August 2017

What happens during the ReLEx SMILE procedure? The procedure is really fast and painless, and the patient can still maintain vision during the procedure.

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Does laser eye surgery causes dry eye?

By James Ball | 03 August 2017

Laser eye surgery causes dry eyes symptoms in a temporary time. But laser eye surgery can be used to manage dry eye symptoms.

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Can you have LASIK for long-sightedness?

By James Ball | 01 August 2017

Can you have laser eye surgery to treat long-sightedness? Of course, the laser eye surgery can be really effective to treat long-sightedness and you could see the final result about ten to twelve weeks after the surgery.

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Can laser eye surgery correct the need for reading glasses (presbyopia)?

By James Ball | 27 July 2017

Can laser eye surgery correct the need for reading glasses? Some people still continue to perpetuate this myth.

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Video FAQ’s: Presbyopia treatment: Is PRESBYOND better than lens replacement?

By James Ball | 04 July 2017

Is PRESBYOND blended laser better than lens replacement? Well again the answer is it depends. They are both effective and safe.

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