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Get rid of the effects of poor vision in your life

By James Ball | 21 November 2018

Next time you’re struggling with blurred vision, you should realise that you don’t have to put up with this problem. Blurred vision can not only adversely affect your quality of life in simple ways, such as when you’re struggling to see the labels in the supermarket, but it can also interfere with your leisure activities. Mr James Ball, a consultant ophthalmologist, opened Custom Vision Clinic last year after asking patients what was important to them when choosing a clinic. As a result, patients will find that Custom Vision Clinic is located in beautiful surroundings, is easily accessible by car and has ample parking. James offers a no-obligation initial consultation to assess your visual needs and recommend treatment if required.

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Drivers who fail roadside vision check will lose their license immediately

By James Ball | 04 September 2018

The police announced that they will randomly test the vision of drivers. Driver’s unable to pass the test risk having their driving licenses revoked on the spot. So, who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that anyone with a license has a vision that meets the UK Driving Standard?

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Bowcliffe Hall Yorkshire

Press Release: First Anniversary Party

By James Ball | 16 May 2018

The icing on the cake

Taking the decision to venture beyond the capital to set up a specialised eye clinic in Yorkshire was a risk, but one that has paid off handsomely. Ophthalmic surgeon Mr James Ball and his team – along with many happy customers – have just celebrated a fantastic first year at Custom Vision Clinic in Wetherby.

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Custom Vision Clinic featured in Bowcliffe Hall Newsletter

By James Ball | 09 June 2017

We’re delighted to have set up our clinic at Bowcliffe Hall and that they have chosen to welcome our clinic in their blog and newsletter. We’ve shared some images of the new clinic in this post. There is much more in the Bowcliffe Hall post itself which we invite you to read.

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Contact lens infections: how to avoid them

By James Ball | 16 October 2012

The video above is about contact lens infections featuring an interview with James Ball on BBC Look North.

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New surgery saves sight of 28-year-old

By James Ball | 14 December 2010

Revolutionary new eye surgery saves sight for both the young and elderly, Lynsey has been given perfect vision for the rest of her life.

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A father saved his sight

By James Ball | 09 May 2009

A father has seen his baby for the first time after the operation with James Ball A father has seen his baby son for the first time after a groundbreaking operation with an artificial cornea saved his sight. Stephen Armitage, 36, who was born blind in one eye, lost his sight after an infection caused … Read more

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James Ball appears on BBC Look North for a new corneal transplant procedure

By James Ball | 07 September 2007

James Ball has perfected a “ground-breaking procedure” to perform a corneal transplant that is “quicker, less risky and offers a better long-term outcome”

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A lifeline for our patients

By James Ball | 04 September 2007

A lifeline for our patients with poor vision The video above is a BBC Look North segment featuring the laser eye surgery procedures offered at St. James’s Laser Vision and James Ball, Ophthalmic Surgeon based in Leeds, UK. For those who find everyday tasks impossible because of poor vision, Custom Vision Clinic could be a … Read more

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The benefits of the cornea transplant

By James Ball | 04 September 2007

The benefits of an innovative cornea transplant procedure The video above is a BBC Look North segment featuring a new cornea transplant technique performed by James Ball, Ophthalmic Surgeon based in Leeds, UK. A new cornea transplant procedure is being offered to people in the region who are in danger of going blind. This operation … Read more

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