Laser Eye Surgery

Meet our new laser – the ZEISS VISUMAX 800

By Custom Vision Clinic Team | 18 January 2022

We are the first clinic in UK to take delivery of the incredible new VISUMAX 800 refractive eye surgery laser from ZEISS. 

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Will you need contact lenses or glasses after treatment?

By James Ball | 23 April 2019

James Ball explains how your age, the condition of your eye and the eye treatment you receive may require you to use reading glasses or contact lenses in certain circumstances.

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Get rid of the effects of poor vision in your life

By James Ball | 21 November 2018

Next time you’re struggling with blurred vision, you should realise that you don’t have to put up with this problem. Blurred vision can not only adversely affect your quality of life in simple ways, such as when you’re struggling to see the labels in the supermarket, but it can also interfere with your leisure activities. Mr James Ball, a consultant ophthalmologist, opened Custom Vision Clinic last year after asking patients what was important to them when choosing a clinic. As a result, patients will find that Custom Vision Clinic is located in beautiful surroundings, is easily accessible by car and has ample parking. James offers a no-obligation initial consultation to assess your visual needs and recommend treatment if required.

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Recovery from eye surgery might be smoother than you think

By James Ball | 16 October 2018

Early laser eye surgery in the 1970s involved infection risks and lengthy recovery times. At Custom Vision Clinic our consultant ophthalmologist, James Ball, prefers where possible to use more modern techniques such as LASIK and ReLEx SMILE™. These are minimally invasive procedures and have a much quicker recovery time, enabling patients to return quickly to their everyday activities. In addition, Custom Vision Clinic tends to treat patients in the evening, meaning they can do a full day’s work on the day of their surgery and have minimal disruption afterwards.

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The top 5 tips for a speedy recovery after laser eye surgery

By James Ball | 03 October 2018

After undergoing laser eye surgery, most patients recover quickly and notice an immediate improvement in their eyesight. However, you must follow your consultant’s instructions for post-operative care to the letter. The doctor will give you different types of eye drops to keep your eyes lubricated and to prevent infection, along with a protective mask to keep you from rubbing your eyes while asleep. You will attend the clinic after surgery for periodic check-ups to make sure that all is in order and the doctor will advise you to avoid certain activities and sports, such as swimming, for a short period. The benefit of these follow-up appointments is that there is no extra charge for them, and if a problem does arise after surgery, the consultant can rectify it quickly.

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Drivers who fail roadside vision check will lose their license immediately

By James Ball | 04 September 2018

The police announced that they will randomly test the vision of drivers. Driver’s unable to pass the test risk having their driving licenses revoked on the spot. So, who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that anyone with a license has a vision that meets the UK Driving Standard?

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The one question every patient should ask their laser eye surgeon – but doesn’t

By James Ball | 21 August 2018

If you’re considering laser eye surgery, you will no doubt have questions before deciding to go ahead with the procedure. How much will it cost? How many procedures has the surgeon done before and what are the risks? Will I achieve perfect vision? And many other questions will come into play when trying to decide. However, there is one that nobody asks, which arguably covers all of these concerns, yet it should be the question that comes before any other. So what is it? It could simply be a question of brotherly or sisterly love – read on to find out more.

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The 5 essential qualities of a top laser eye surgeon

By James Ball | 08 August 2018

The 5 essential qualities of a top laser eye surgeon Choosing where to have your laser eye surgery can be a complex decision. For those who like to do their research on the surgeon carrying out the treatment, it is worth considering these factors; The surgeon’s training and experience One of the most common questions … Read more

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Is it worth travelling to London for laser eye surgery if you live in Leeds?

By James Ball | 12 June 2018

Look north for perfect vision

Many people assume that you have to travel to London to get the best treatment. But you don’t have to go all the way to Harley Street to get the best quality specialist eye care. You can cut your capital expenditure significantly by taking a trip closer to home. Opthalmic surgeon Mr James Ball, who hails from Harrogate, can offer you the very highest level of care using the latest techniques and cutting-edge technology in the industry at his clinic in nearby Wetherby.

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doctor calculates the costs of a surgery

How do surgeons define what laser eye surgery costs?

By James Ball | 05 June 2018

The bottom line on headline rates

When you see “rock-bottom” prices advertised for laser eye treatment, you need to read between the lines. It may be tempting to contact a clinic advertising this popular treatment at “just £595 per eye” but it would be wise to stop and think before you sign up. In reality, the headline rate is rarely the rate paid by the patient and more often than not, once all of the hidden extra costs are factored in, what appeared to be a cheaper option can turn out to be a false economy.

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