CET Event Peer Review

CET Event – Peer Review

CET Event, Wednesday 18th September – Peer Review

We were delighted to hold our third peer discussion CET event on September 18th. We were joined by our three facilitators Alison Alderson, Michelle Le-Roche, and Ravi Naru who encouraged lively debate and discussion within their groups.

The chosen cases were all based around patient management to encourage peers to discuss their thoughts on how they would deal with these cases in their practises. These cases incorporated management of patients with dementia, below driving standards vision, and acute presentation of visual loss.

The aims of discussion were;

  • Understanding the law and guidelines in relation to patient confidentiality.
  • How to work within the law, codes and guidelines set in relation to driving.
  • How to respond to patient anxiety while providing reassurance using an approach sensitive to each patient’s special examinational needs.
  • The groups also discussed how information given by the patients affects all members of the team in different ways helping to encourage best practise of all patients.

A fine Yorkshire buffet was provided using local produce, rounded off by tasty brownies to help keep the discussions going.

We look forward to seeing you at our future CET events.

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