Why should I choose James Ball and Custom Vision Clinic?

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Why should I choose James Ball and Custom Vision Clinic?

Whomever you choose for vision correction depends on a combination of factors. It’s a fact that you’ll benefit from over 20 years of experience that I’ve had in the practice of ophthalmology, laser eye surgery, and intraocular lens surgery.

The team and the equipment I’ve put together for Custom Vision Clinic takes into account every aspect of the technology that’s required to assess patients carefully and to deliver the most effective and the safest treatment for them.

By putting those two things together (my experience and technology), you’re getting an unbiased access to technology. What I mean by that is that whatever I think is going to work the best for you, whether that’s no treatment, corneal laser eye surgery treatment, an intraocular lens implant, or a lens replacement procedure, that’s what I’ll recommend.

I’ll only ever offer you something I’d offer to one of my family members or one of my close personal friends. I’ll only offer you something that I know is going to work to solve the problems you’ve come along with and provide you with good quality vision and an improved quality of life.

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