Contact lens infections: how to avoid them

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Avoid contact lens infections with modern laser eye surgery

The video above is about contact lens infections featuring an interview with James Ball on BBC Look North.

Our sight is simple and sometimes we take it for granted but imagine going blind after using a product that millions of people use every day.

Susan Joy, who lives in Leeds, was an independent successful dog breeder. That was until she tried contact lenses for the first time and it drastically changed her life due to a related infection. She suffered months of agonising pain. She is now blind in one eye. The infection is known as a Pseudomonas and is the most common contact lens infection. This infection is also one of the most aggressive, able to reach the cornea within 36 hours.

More than 300 people are treated for contact lenses related infections at St James Hospital each year. That is nearly one patient every day and of all of those people, at least one person will lose the sight in one eye.

The most common treatment is an intensive course of antibiotics but it’s a battle against the bacteria that’s becoming increasingly resistant to treatment.

In the interview, Mr James Ball talks about how to prevent this infection: “I think that it’s important to ensure that you get your contact lenses from a fully qualified practitioner and get all the advice you need” he says “it’s important to attend your regular check-ups”.

Today with the team and the equipment that we’ve put together at Custom Vision Clinic, we offer laser eye surgery that is safer than contact lenses.

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