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Custom Vision Clinic featured in Bowcliffe Hall Newsletter

Custom Vision Clinic featured in Bowcliffe Hall Newsletter

We’re delighted to have set up our clinic at Bowcliffe Hall and that they have chosen to welcome our clinic on their blog and newsletter.

In the post, Bowcliffe Hall asks our surgeon James Ball questions about his background, why he opted to pursue ophthalmology and his reasons behind founding Custom Vision Clinic. The blog post discusses what a typical day looks like for James Ball and more about his team. Then the conversation turns towards questions that people should ask when planning to have laser eye surgery. James Ball then talks through what a typical laser eye surgery procedure feels like and dispels some misconceptions about laser eye surgery along the way. The post finishes up with a few more common questions about laser eye surgery and then concludes with a discussion about why James Ball chose Bowcliffe Hall for his clinic.

We’ve shared some images of the new clinic in this post. There is much more in the Bowcliffe Hall post itself which we invite you to read. We also encourage you to visit our clinic at Bowcliffe Hall.


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