What is the difference between ReLEx SMILE and LASIK?

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What is the difference between ReLEx SMILE and LASIK?

What’s the difference between LASIK and ReLEx SMILE?

With LASIK surgery, we’re removing a lens of tissue from within the cornea by using a femtosecond laser to create a flap of tissue in the front of the cornea, hinged, lifting that flap up and then removing tissue with an (0:26) laser gently polishing the exposed corneal tissues. When the lens has been removed, the flap is replaced, the eye returns to normal, but the curvatures been altered and patients’ short-sightedness has been corrected.

ReLEx SMILE is really how laser eye surgery always would have been if the technology had existed. So ReLEx SMILE is removing that lens of tissue from within the cornea through a tiny keyhole incision. This is made possible by the fact that ZEISS vision max laser is so accurate that it can create this lens of tissue within the cornea streamer to submicron accuracy. Then the keyhole entry incision allows that lens to be freed up and gently removed. It’s almost like a magic trick. It’s like the tablecloth but with lasers in submicron accuracy.

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