Long-sightedness: Can you explain hyperopia?

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How can we explain hyperopia?

Well, hyperopia is another name for long-sightedness. If we imagine a perfect eye, it would have the perfect power of optics in the front of the cornea in the lens to bring light from distance into focus on the back of the eye on the retina, like the film in an old-fashioned camera.

If the eye is short-sighted, it is as if it’s optically too powerful and the images focus in front of the retina. Conversely, for long-sightedness, it’s as if the eyeballs are too small, or the optics just aren’t powerful enough. And so for that eye, a hyperopic eye or long-sighted eye, the light rays that are coming in parallel from distant objects are focused behind the back of the eye. So the image is blurry in the back of the eye.

Either the patient is young enough to accommodate through that, so through effort make their eye optically more powerful and bring it into focus, or they put specs on. If you’re older and your lens inside your eyes run out of juice or is starting to harden up in its journey to becoming a cataract, you need help. You need either a contact lens or a spec lens to bring it into focus, or you could consider PRESBYOND laser eye surgery.

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