Video FAQ’s: Presbyopia treatment: Why should patients choose James Ball for presbyopia surgery?

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Presbyopia treatment: Why should patients choose James Ball for presbyopia surgery?

Why should patients choose me to look after their presbyopia and treat their presbyopia? The reason is that I’m unique in this country, and in the world by having access to the very best technology to take the approach to give them the very best outcome in terms of the range of focus and quality of vision.

Let me provide evidence for that: So there are two broad approaches that can be taken to treat someone’s presbyopia. Cornea based or lens based. By far the most evidence to support outcomes and safety for cornea treatments is with PRESBYOND blended vision LASIK laser eye surgery using the MEL 90 platform ideally with this ZEISS VisuMax, which I have access to these. You’re then using the safest, most accurate laser platform to perform the LASIK surgery and some unique software to create a range of focus across two eyes. Such as they work together they blend together to create seamless vision from the distance to near.

I also have access to all of the lens technologies, and I work closely with a couple of companies on the very latest lens technologies for effective lens replacement. Together what that allows me to do is to take each individual patient and assess their lifestyle, assess their eyes, determine how much cataract change they have, so they’re presbyopic natural lens or their lens that has hardened up to cause the presbyopia and how far along with the journey they are towards developing cataracts. Together with their prescription and other factors I can then determine whether they are best suited to PRESBYOND LASIK laser eye surgery or lens replacement.

In most clinics up and down the country, the presbyopia is either glossed over as an annoyance or people are crowbarred into having lens replacement in a one size fits all type approach. Either because of a lack of understanding of the corneal options that are available or because a lack of access because the clinics don’t have access to the technology that can deliver PRESBYOND blended vision.

Conversely, there are clinics where it’s all about the cornea laser eye surgery, and the lens replacement is pushed away as a good option. And the reality is that both technologies have an outstanding track record of safety and effectiveness and it depends on the patient which one is going to be most suitable for them. With Custom Vision Clinic, I have put together as a team of people and a suite of diagnostic equipment that allows me to make the best choice for patients to determine what is going to work best for them to give them the best range of focus and the best quality of vision.

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