Video FAQ’s: What are keratoconus early symptoms?

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What are keratoconus early symptoms?

What are the early symptoms of the keratoconus? Typically, this is young people in their teens or early twenties, and they notice declining vision and blurring of vision. Often, it’s when they’re studying, and they’re putting their vision under more strain. They may cover one eye accidentally when rubbing their eye and notice that the other eye is not seeing so well. They hadn’t noticed before because when their eyes are open, they have good functioning and can cope with the vision.

Very commonly, these are people with hay fever or allergies and people who rub their eyes a bit more often. It is thought that this is part of what causes the condition. Understandably, when people notice that they’ve got blurring of vision their first port of call is usually to their optometrist, and their optometrist might identify that they have astigmatism as well as short-sightedness affecting the focusing of light. That astigmatism is occurring because the cornea or the window at the front of the eye has become distorted. It’s steeper in certain areas than others, and that’s twisting the light and degrading the quality of vision.

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