A lifeline for our patients

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A lifeline for our patients with poor vision

The video above is a BBC Look North segment featuring the laser eye surgery procedures offered at St. James’s Laser Vision and James Ball, Ophthalmic Surgeon based in Leeds, UK.

For those who find everyday tasks impossible because of poor vision, Custom Vision Clinic could be a lifeline. Our patients are having the most advanced laser eye surgery in the country and after just a few minutes the operation is complete and within a month our patients should have perfect vision.

The equipment I’ve put together for Custom Vision Clinic includes a powerful computer that maps the cornea the information is then fed to a laser and with the help of our team the operation reshapes the eyes. Our clinic takes into account every aspect of the technology that’s required to assess patients carefully and to deliver the most effective and the safest treatment for them. One of our patients had very poor vision. He was blind in one eye now he’s back behind the wheel of his car. He’s got his confidence back and a full and busy life now since the surgery.

The gift of sight is something many of us take for granted. Now thanks to this visionary technology, millions of patients will also see the benefits.

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