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Meet our new laser – the ZEISS VISUMAX 800

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have taken delivery of the first commercial VISUMAX 800 surgical laser from ZEISS.

This brand new femtosecond laser is the most advanced refractive surgery laser available in the world and it comes with some major benefits for our patients, as Mr Ball outlines in this short video:

Let’s look in more detail at the features Mr Ball mentioned.

Faster procedures

The first of the advantages of the new VISUMAX 800 is the reduced time that it takes to complete a procedure. For SMILE surgery, the VISUMAX 800 can complete the laser part of your procedure in as little as 8 seconds per eye.

This further reduces the possibility of inaccuracies, even compared to our previous laser, the VISUMAX 500.

Zeiss Visumax 800 Leeds Custom Vision Clinic

More comfortable for you

A faster procedure makes for a more comfortable time for you during surgery.

Whilst in use the Visumax 800 laser is held to your eye by suction. Reducing the contact time means your surgery takes even less time than before and is more comfortable.

The most precise surgery anywhere in the world

We take pride in the precision of our treatments, making very fine adjustments to your vision to get the best possible results. When it came to designing our purpose-built operating spaces, we looked at everything that would assist in this, right down to the ability to control temperature and humidity in a way that Mr Ball and Mr Gormley have never been able to at any other hospital or surgical facility in which they have worked.

We have been delighted with our results so far with the VISUMAX 800. The new laser builds on the version we previously had, which was already world-leading.

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We are confident that we offer the best laser eye surgery anywhere in the UK.

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