Video FAQ’s: Presbyopia treatment: What is monovision LASIK surgery?

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Presbyopia treatment: What is monovision LASIK surgery?

What is monovision LASIK surgery? Monovision LASIK surgery is something that’s used for patients in the presbyopic stage. By this, I mean patients who’ve lost their ability to shift focus from distance to near, because of hardening of the lens inside the eye.

What the surgeon does is, one eye has to do distance vision and then the other eye to perform near vision.The limitation is the fact that you’re literally asking each eye to do a different job and asking the brain, the visual system to cope with that. With the MEL 90 platform and the serious master software from ZEISS, we can do a better job for people. We can use PRESBYOND blended vision and take that principle of asking each eye to provide different work and different input but link them up and help them work together and create an overlap of focus between the two eyes so that it isn’t just one for distance and one for near and the big gap. They’re working in concert, and there’s an overlap. It’s more seamless blended vision.

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