OCT in the High Street: Benefits and Responsibilities of Greater Diagnostic Power

Event Debrief: OCT in the High Street – benefits and responsibilities of greater diagnostic power lecture

The aim of this CET lecture was to provide examples and scenarios of relevance to optometrists in practice to enable them to assess and interpret common ocular conditions and abnormalities on OCT scans.

Current and future technology were discussed and optometrists were guided on how best to manage these conditions in a patient appropriate manner, giving guidance on when and when not to refer.

The eighteen attendees expanded their knowledge on relaxing and toric IOL implantation, and the merits of each approach. The lecture covered the following aspects:

• What the OCT scan can and can’t tell you about the retina
• What you need to know about retinal histology to interpret a retinal OCT scan
• Scenarios where OCT can help management
• Scenarios where OCT might hinder management
• Current and future technology in OCT scanning
• How high street optometrists might use OCT to reduce visual impairment due to wet AMD


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