Peer Review

Seventeen optometrists came along in September to discuss best practise and up to date guidance for patients.

Several cases were deliberated. The first was a case of recent loss of near vision with anisocoria. The aim was to collaboratively decide on the possible causes of the pupil abnormality and discuss whether appropriate action was taken. The group then suggested management options and appropriate actions.

The second case was a discussion on acute unilateral painless visual disturbance in an amblyopic patient with the aim of making a diagnosis and deciding on the appropriate course of action. The optometrists took into consideration best practise and how to maintain the standards of professional practice.

The third case was one of sudden painless unilateral loss of vision, resolving after a couple of minutes. The optometrists had to take into consideration the patient’s neurological history with the aim of making a diagnosis and deciding on an appropriate course of action through the appropriate management of the patient.

Other cases discussed included sudden painless unilateral vision loss resolving after a few minutes, acute painless visual disturbance in an amblyopic patient and acute reduced near vision with anisocoria. For each case, the discussions aimed to decide on possible causes, diagnosis and appropriate courses of action to encourage best practice.

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