Video FAQ’s: Presbyopia treatment: How long does it take to recover from the PRESBYOND laser blended vision treatment?

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Presbyopia treatment: How long does it take to recover from PRESBYOND laser blended vision treatment?

How long does it take to recover from PRESBYOND blended vision laser eye surgery? It’s still laser eye surgery. So you enjoy all the benefits of rapid visual recovery regarding the eyes becoming comfortable and seeing well. So when I meet up with my patients on day one after surgery, their eyes should be nice, white, comfortable and they will have good vision with a couple of subtleties.

With a lot of these patients we’ve corrected, some with long-sightedness, these patients tend to experience deliberately some over-correction initially. If they don’t, they tend to be under-corrected in about three months. The long-sighted corrections almost always see a little bit of over-correction. Initially, this can mean that distance vision is a little bit blurry in the early period, then that relaxes out, crisps up and becomes a good outcome.

There’s a second process at play though, which is the patient learning to use the differential input from each eye. Now the key component of PRESBYOND blended vision LASIK is the fact that the eyes overlap. The focus curves on each eye overlap. The right eye, typically the dominant eye, sees very good distance to intermediate vision. The left eye sees intermediate through the near. They overlap and work together.

It’s a new setup for the majority of patients. There will be times when it jars slightly when it feels slightly uncomfortable in that they’re not sure which eye should be doing what. But I tell patients to take a little break from whatever they’re doing, maybe pop a lubricant drop-in, sometimes dryness can trigger that, and it’ll become fine again.

What happens in the weeks and months following treatment is that those episodes become less frequent less severe until they don’t think about their eyes anymore. They just have comfortable eyes and comfortable vision.

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