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Do eye doctors get LASIK?

By James Ball | 15 April 2018

I used to read and hear from people that they didn’t want to move forward with LASIK laser eye surgery because their ophthalmologist wore glasses or because they were under the impression that no eye surgeons have had LASIK. If this was true in the past, it certainly isn’t now.

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What is the best treatment for hyperopia?

By James Ball | 14 September 2017

What is the best treatment for hyperopia? The hyperopia is another name for long-sightedness and the answer is, as often it just depends. It depends on the amount of the long-sightedness and it depends on the age of the patient.

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What causes hyperopia?

By James Ball | 12 September 2017

What causes hyperopia? Well, really it’s part of the biological variation we see in every parameter of biology. And we see the same thing with eyes, but with an interesting additional factor.

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Long-sightedness: Can you explain hyperopia?

By James Ball | 07 September 2017

How do we explain what hyperopia is? Hyperopia is another name for long-sightedness.

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How is PRESBYOND laser blended vision different from monovision?

By James Ball | 11 July 2017

How is PRESBYOND laser blended vision different from monovision? I hear this all the time at ophthalmologist conferences, because monovision is something that’s been used very commonly for many years in contact lenses and in cataract surgery and indeed for in laser eye surgery.

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Video FAQ’s: Presbyopia treatment: Is PRESBYOND better than lens replacement?

By James Ball | 04 July 2017

Is PRESBYOND blended laser better than lens replacement? Well again the answer is it depends. They are both effective and safe.

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Long sightedness and presbyopia: What is the difference between them?

By James Ball | 29 June 2017

What’s the difference between long sightedness and presbyopia? One is a refractive error due to biological variability, the other is part of the natural ageing process.

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Video FAQ’s: Presbyopia treatment: What is your training in treating presbyopia?

By James Ball | 22 June 2017

What’s my training in treating presbyopia? Well, really it’s been on the job training frankly because the advancements and developments in treating presbyopia have all come online and become available in the last 11 years.

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Video FAQ’s: Presbyopia prevention: Can you prevent age-related vision loss?

By James Ball | 13 June 2017

Can we prevent age-related vision loss? The short answer is no. It’s part of the human condition, it’s a result of the crystalline lens inside the eye hardening up on its journey to becoming a cataract.

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Video FAQ’s: Presbyopia treatment: How long does it take to recover from the PRESBYOND laser blended vision treatment?

By James Ball | 08 June 2017

How does it take to recover from PRESBYOND blended vision laser eye surgery? Well, it’s still like laser eye surgery and so it enjoys all the benefits of rapid visual recovery in terms of the eyes become comfortable and seeing well.

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