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My eyesight following the operation is brilliant and better than I thought possible, and this is all down to your excellent surgeon Mr James Ball and not to forget all the very dedicated people around him who make these operations possible.
Keith Garlick
Two of the best decisions I ever made in my life were firstly to have lens exchange and secondly to have Mr James Ball carry out my operation.

From start to finish Mr Ball was most professional in his guidance of the procedure, what the operation involved and what to realistically expect the outcome to be. Patient care and comfort was paramount and his manner of explaining the procedure at every point was excellent.

He understood all my concerns and fears and put me completely at ease. With a previous prescription of + 5.25 for my right eye and +5.00 for my left, I never imagined the result would be this good. I have near perfect vision now, no requirement for spectacles at all. It is an amazing thing to give someone the gift of sight and I cannot thank Mr Ball enough. I would recommend him to anyone thinking of having refractive lens exchange

Patricia Walton
Within minutes I could tell there was a difference. But now, only a couple of months later, my sight is better than it was seven years ago! I can even read the really tiny print on the car sales ads! If you want that confidence you probably felt when you were younger, this is the ideal solution. Thanks to the treatment, I feel rejuvenated, independent and much younger!
John Hazelgrave

My work was becoming almost impossible. I had refractive lens exchange to both eyes with multifocal lens implants last July. I can now see better than 20/20 for distance and can read the tiniest print in newspapers – all without glasses! I have started reading for pleasure again, and I feel that my performance both at work and on the golf course has improved.


Laser eye surgery has changed my life. I was a contact lens wearer and my vision without them was extremely poor. Now, having had laser, I wake up in the morning and I can see and it’s unbelievable. I can actually see better than I could with contact lenses, and it’s all thanks to St James’s and James Ball.

Claire Varley

Laser eye surgery has greatly improved my quality of life. I’ve been able to discard my glasses after thirty years!

Arthur Brown

I decided to have Eye Surgery because my glasses were starting to resemble milk bottle bottoms. I have a passion for photography and the wearing of glasses with a camera is not at all practical. I thought that my chances of being accepted for Laser Eye Surgery were not too good because I have been wearing glasses for over twenty-two years. St James Laser Vision carried out extensive tests and concluded that I had very healthy Corneas and that it would be fine to have Laser Eye Surgery. I had the surgery on the 28th of September – the surgery was totally pain-free. I had both eyes done at the same time and the results were almost instant. Apart from a slight temporary “blurriness” for a few days and a little light sensitivity, there were no other problems resulting from the surgery.

Now, I can easily read the whole of the eye chart without glasses and I can also read the very smallest print in a newspaper. I would like to say many thanks to everyone concerned who made it so easy for me and an especially big thanks to James Ball.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of having Laser Eye Surgery, try these guys – they really are the best in their field.

Mr CE Poulter

My advice – do it. Undertaking any type of surgery is a concern. When you are doing it for ‘cosmetic’ reasons you therefore have to be as confident as you can be that the outcome will meet your expectations. The treatment at St James met my expectations, the outcome has been excellent – no more glasses or contact lenses, 4 months on I am still surprised how good things are. I felt I was treated as an individual and all my questions were answered.There was no ‘hard sell’ and I felt the decision to go ahead was mine – but I was clearly told the facts and risks involved (minimal). The fact that this centre is also in the biggest Teaching Hospital in the country gave extra reassurance. From my experiences – I can highly recommend Mr Ball.

Janet Howden

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful! I am so grateful to you and your team. Thank you very much indeed.

Dorothy S.

Thank you for your skilled interventions which have given me my sight back.

Doreen G.

To me, it appears a miracle that I can see so well. I feel very grateful. It is impossible to fully express my thanks.

Grace C.
The results have been quite wonderful. Thank you very much for the treatment you gave me – I can see so well now, and reading has once again become a real pleasure.
Charles S.
May I offer grateful thanks for your expertise in operating on my eyes. It was intimated to me that you were the best, and from the results I am now enjoying, I am convinced that this is correct.
Jean D.

You are truly innovative. Thank you very much for curing the problems I have been having with my reading and near vision.

Sala M.

I had LASIK on both eyes at Custom Vision Clinics, and can now see better than 20/20, without my glasses or contact lenses. more importantly, I now feel that I can get more out of my busy life.


At the consultation, Mr Ball found that I had early cataracts. Following cataract surgery at Custom Vision Clinics, I am almost completely independent from glasses.


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