Video FAQ’s: Presbyopia treatment: What is your training in treating presbyopia?

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Presbyopia treatment: What is your training in treating presbyopia?

What’s my training in treating presbyopia? It’s been on the job training mostly. The advancements and developments in treating presbyopia have all come online and become available in the last 11 years. The time during which I’ve been an established consultant.

During my training, it was extremely limited. There were some multifocal lens technologies available for lens replacement but that had limitations in terms of accuracy and also regarding the optical quality they gave to patients and the range of a function and focus.

With laser eye surgery again, limitations in that we could give people monovision. So that was asking one eye to do distance vision and one eye to do near vision with a gap in between. That was of quite limited suitability for a lot of patients. Only about a third of people could readily accept that and tolerate that kind of discrepancy.

That was the state of play when I was appointed as a consultant 11 years ago. So over this 11-year period, I’ve been working in a very busy practice, meeting and looking after thousands of patients and dealing with different stages of presbyopia. I’ve been privileged to work with ZEISS and seen the evolution of their platform. I’ve also been able to work very closely with all the lens companies as they have refined their lens technology to improve lens replacement and the outcomes of both cataract surgery and lens replacement as a refractive procedure to get people out of spectacles and give them a range of focus.

So my entire professional life over the last 11 years has been working to improve the outcomes of LASIK laser eye surgery, lens replacement and cataract surgery to give improved range of focus. What that has allowed me to deliver now is all the very best technologies available working on both the cornea with laser eye surgery and on the lens with lens replacement to give people a range of focus and to correct presbyopia.

With Custom Vision Clinic, I’ve assembled the necessary team, diagnostics, and the equipment in order to tell the approach, in order to identify which is the best technology for the patient’s eyes and lifestyle to give him the very best range of focus and quality of vision.

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