Why Custom Vision Clinic?

World class choice in the heart of Yorkshire

What makes Custom Vision Clinic different?

Custom Vision Clinic offers world class eye surgery in the heart of Yorkshire. We provide the complete range of laser eye surgery treatments using Zeiss technology. We have brought together all the most advanced diagnostic equipment available in the country in order to provide the safest and most accurate lens implantation, lens replacement and cataract procedures.

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Eye surgery is widely available, what makes Custom Vision Clinic different?

Some eye treatment chains offer a very limited range of treatment options. Custom Vision Clinic does not offer a one-size fits all treatment. Instead, we have the most comprehensive range of specialist treatments and will always select the most appropriate technique to fix your visual problem.

We are also unique in the range of laser and surgical facilities we offer.

We also have two purpose-built Covid-secure surgical operating theatres. The first, opened in Autumn 2020, is used for all surgical procedures. This was followed by a brand new laser treatment suite, built to Mr Ball and Mr Gormley’s specifications, which opened in January 2021.

Why do you need an eye surgeon to be confident in both corneal and lens based surgical techniques?

Only then can the appropriate tool be selected for that patient. Surgeons who only offer laser eye surgery are tempted to push this technology too far – there is only so much tissue that can be removed from a cornea.

Surgeons who can only perform lens surgery (basically, cataract surgery) can come unstuck if the calculations do not give an accurate result.

It is possible to get around a golf course using only a seven iron for all the shots. It’s also possible to get around a golf course using only a driver. An expert achieves their best results, however, with a full set of clubs.

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Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful! I am so grateful to you and your team. Thank you very much indeed.

Dorothy S.

We can tailor the right treatment for you

This means that we can tailor the treatment of your eyes to your individual needs. That means we will give you an impartial recommendation of the safest and most effective method to reduce your dependence on spectacles.

Our founder, James Ball, is an experienced and recognised leader in the field of refractive surgery. He has pioneered techniques to help his patients beyond the scope of what is commonly available on the high street for the ‘average’ patient.

Our other surgeon, Jack Gormley, originally trained under Mr Ball before gaining specialist experience both in the UK and abroad. He leads the Corneal and Refractive service in York, where he works as a Consultant Ophthalmologist. Mr Ball describes him as the most gifted surgeon he has ever trained.

The vision for Custom Vision Clinic at Bowcliffe Hall was to create a convenient and pleasant location for patients to receive the best possible assessment and correction of their vision. At other clinic locations, patients rightly complained about traffic jams and limited parking.

The Bowcliffe Hall Estate is situated just off the A1M south of Wetherby, can almost always be easily reached and has ample parking. We’ve put together the very latest diagnostic equipment to assess your eyes and vision. This allows us to create the best possible surgical plan to improve your vision. This is the most important step in the treatment pathway.

We also have two bespoke operating theatres, built in 2020 to our specifications, with the very latest and best in laser and surgical equipment. This allows us to carry out most operations in the relaxed setting of Bowcliffe in our carefully designed facilities.

Results at a glance

Laser procedures
Cataract procedures
Better than the national average of complication rates

My eyesight following the operation is brilliant and better than I thought possible, and this is all down to your excellent surgeon Mr James Ball and not to forget all the very dedicated people around him who make these operations possible.

Keith Garlick

Two of the best decisions I ever made in my life were firstly to have lens exchange and secondly to have Mr James Ball carry out my operation.

Patricia Walton

Within minutes I could tell there was a difference. But now, only a couple of months later, my sight is better than it was seven years ago! I can even read the really tiny print on the car sales ads! If you want that confidence you probably felt when you were younger, this is the ideal solution. Thanks to the treatment, I feel rejuvenated, independent and much younger!

John Hazelgreave

Many thanks for all your care and kindness. To me it appears a miracle that I can see so well. I feel very grateful. It is impossible to fully express my thanks.

Grace C.

May I offer grateful thanks for your expertise in operating on my eyes. It was intimated to me that you were the best, and from the results I am now enjoying, I am convinced that this is correct.

Jean D.

You are truly innovative. Thank you very much for curing the problems I have been having with my reading and near vision.

Sala M.

My work was becoming almost impossible. I had refractive lens exchange to both eyes with multifocal lens implants last July. I can now see better than 20/20 for distance and can read the tiniest print in newspapers - all without glasses! I have started reading for pleasure again, and I feel that my performance both at work and on the golf course has improved.


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About our surgeons

Mr James Ball | Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

MA (Cantab) MB BChir FRCOphth CertLRS

I am a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Custom Vision Clinic. My major interest is in refractive surgery and finding the best treatment suitable for each patient.

Mr Jack Gormley | Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

MB ChB (Hons) FRCOphth CertLRS

I am a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Custom Vision Clinic and York Teaching Hospital, where I lead the Corneal and Refractive service. I have completed over 2,000 surgical and laser eye procedures.