Get rid of the effects of poor vision in your life

If you are fed up with having blurred vision or not being able to read labels when walking around the supermarket, and you like the idea of being less dependent on glasses or contact lenses, then you might want to consider booking a no-obligation consultation at
Custom Vision Clinic.

In 2017, James Ball, consultant ophthalmologist and proprietor of Custom Vision Clinic, wanted to open a medical facility where patients could access the best quality treatment, along with the highest level of patient care and for patients to have outstanding outcomes.

James has listened to patients in the years gone by to find out what is important to them when choosing a clinic, which is why Custom Vision Clinic, on Bowcliffe Hall estate, is easily accessible by car, has ample parking, fantastic surroundings and the waiting room is not overcrowded.

Each patient who comes for a consultation at Custom Vision Clinic experiences a thorough clinical assessment using the highest standard of diagnostic equipment. This is so that we can recommend the best treatment type for that individual.

Our specially trained optometrist has an in-depth chat with each patient so that we can find out exactly what they are hoping to achieve from having eye surgery. We also ask them about their hobbies and interests because this can also play a part in the type of treatment we recommend.

Patients then spend time with James Ball, discussing the test results and finding out which treatment may solve their vision problems and improve their quality of life.

James is very honest with patients- if at that moment in time, no treatment is suitable for a patient, James will advise them that they are better off waiting a couple of years rather than talking them into having a procedure that isn’t right for them.

The treatment that James recommends is always the one that he believes will give the patient the safest and best long-term result. He has more than 20 years’ experience in laser eye surgery and intraocular lens surgery.

At Custom Vision Clinic we pride ourselves on offering excellent patient care; from the initial enquiry you make through to your final appointment, we aim to provide a first-class service. James gives his personal mobile number to each patient when they have treatment and encourages them to phone him if there are any concerns at all.

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